Smart Power Monitoring System
VHub Energy Management Solution provides easy installation, multiple management chart and alarm management to solve your energy problem.

The Guardian of Power System

Integrated Real-time EMS Platform

Vecow VHub Energy Management Solution Service provides a smart power management platform by one-stop solution. VHub EMS delivers real-time power consumption analysis to monitor operating status, alert trouble issues and even predict maintenance schedule.


Integrated Real-time EMS Platform

VHub EMS Advantages

Energy Management Solution Comparison

Feature Highlights

Feature Spotlight
Easy Installation

Easy Installation

  • Wireless Clamp Sensor
  • Non-Stop Operation
GUI Management

GUI Management

  • Versatile Charts & Reports
  • Real-time Analyzer
Alert Monitoring

Alert Monitoring

  • Multiple Menu Setting
  • APP Notification
Integrated Platform

Integrated Platform

  • Multiple Remote Devices
  • Cross Factory Areas

Platform Functions

Power consumption plays a major role in industrial energy management, by adopting VHub EMS provides a solution for manage the real-time power consumption analysis to prevent malfunction and power exceeding problems.

Platform Functions

Case Study : Water Chiller Application

Abnormal Event
The power consumption of water chiller is over the rated power, and it used age is no more than 5 years. Vecow team help customer to introduce VHub EMS Solution. Customer found the extra aging power usage from visualization reports. Therefore, they change the important components of motor when customer execute maintenance. It’s estimated to reduce cost more than NTD 100,000 per year.


Use Case -Water Chiller Improved Power Consumption

Offering Details

Ultra-Compact Embedded System

Edge Sensors

AIC-100 Rugged Embedded System
  • ESC Series Current Sensor


TSC-100 Temperature Sensor
  • TSC-100 Temperature Sensor

Starter Kit

3 Sensors + 1 IoT Gateway + Cloud Platform
  • 3 Sensors + 1 IoT Gateway + Cloud Platform

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