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Enabling Digital Factory via One-Stop AIoT Services

Dozens of countries have put forward “2050 Net-Zero Emissions” declarations and actions. To achieve net zero, companies can adopt demonstrated emission reduction measures to target emissions across their value chain and invest in innovative zero-carbon technologies. VHub ESG Solutions for Smart Factory help accelerate the transformation of manufacturing industries and bring competitiveness and environmental sustainability to meet the “Net-Zero” policy.


Why VHub ESG Solutions?

With the post-pandemic and the global environment facing many uncertainties and challenges, solution featuring energy-efficient with low-power computation plays a role in helping manufacturing industries to achieve digital transformation. The ESG undoubtedly has gained much prominence. It covers Environmental, Social and Governance perspectives. Vecow VHub ESG solutions adopt digital technologies such as IoT Technology, Vision AI and AutoML and it provides features below:

Energy Management

Facility Management

  • Industrial Protocols
  • Predictable Maintenance
Carbon Emission Calculation

Carbon Intensity

  • Real-time Analyzer
  • Reduced TCO
Workforce Management

Workforce Management

  • Remote Checking
  • PPE Detection
Production Line Monitoring

Optimized Productivity 

  • Non-interruption Services
  • Improved SOP

AI Data Analysis

VHub ESG Solutions provide various AI tools to predict equipment maintenance schedule and optimize production capacity through facility parameters like water, oil and power at the edge. It helps the manufacturing industry improve the process, product quality and reduce costs.


Reliable Ecosystem

VHub ESG Solutions support industrial-grade protocols such as Modbus, OPCUA, and Onvif for collecting data and integrating communications at the edge. It provides a variety of functions of applications in an easier way.


Application Scenarios

Environment Monitoring

Combining intelligent sensors and the Vecow EMS solution provides real-time energy status, analyzes data, alerts, and predicts maintenance for the OT devices.

Health Care

AI-powered smart cameras with OpenVINO and integrating Vecow Fever Scan Solutions, a contactless technology, factories can ensure workplace safety, hygiene and greater efficiency.

Dynamic Analysis

In order to enhance productivity, using real time object detection on production line, the Vecow VHub AI Developer Premium creates efficient ways to build AI models and integrates inference devices.


To minimize the energy demands of Edge devices, Vecow Edge Gateway supports IOTech, a software-based solution, and provides AI performance, making the digital factory possible.

Inference Platform

Edge Gateway


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