Intelligent Automation

An Intelligent Automation solution integrates varieties of smart techonologies and services to carry out various manufacturing tasks and higher productivitiy even in harsh environments. There are always crucial factors when organizing connections between machine to machine (M2M) or human to machine, for example, HMI, fault finding, automation monitoring, environment inspection & surveillance, production plan integration, inventory management, database management, and data applications. PCIe/PCI expansion available, multiple COM RS-232/422/485 connections, isolated DIO, multiple GigE LAN ports, EtherCAT supported, high scalability, user-friendly interface, and rugged reliability, Vecow's fanless robust computing systems are your practical all-in-one partner for seamless integrated smart manufacturing solutions.

Vecow's RCX-1000 Series, ECX-2000 Series, MTC-7000/8000 SeriesECX-1400/1300 series, RCX-1000 PEG, SPC-5000/5100 series, ECX-2200/2100 series, SPC-3000/3500 series, ARS-2000 (M12), SPC-4000 series, ABP-3000 series, MTD-6000 seriesMTC-6000 series fanless embedded systems and GPU computing system are your practical all-in-one partner for seamless integrated Intelligent Automation solutions